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issues that seem to believe that you should be sitting on the market with reads like a cheat you would be screwed around is accused of being behind a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the us to a. good r t a line from moscow our top stories greece is enduring a massive forty eight hour all out strike that's expected to be the largest since the financial turmoil began tens of thousands already outside parliament and thousands of lawmakers prepared to vote on even more crippling cops to avert national bankruptcy. is feared serious unrest is turning into a full fledged civil war with soldiers reportedly turning on each other eleven troops were killed this week adding to the three thousand or more who died since the crash down on antigovernment protests began in march. and
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a third down line by nato ordering service to remove their border blockades in northern kosovo as the standoff situation is bad backs of politicians to end the impasse programs rebuilt after kosovo police backed by nato seized the checkpoints last month. and there are still thousands of palestinians who remain in jail after the release of gilad shalit next hour to talk to the wife of one high profile prisoner considered a terrorist by israel but a hero by the palestinians. he is regarded by many as the palestinian also mandela while one barghouti who is currently in an israeli prison where he's been for nearly a decade he's serving five life sentences for murdering five israelis and over the years his release has been one of the major stumbling blocks in the gilad shalit
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prisoner exchange deal with me to discuss this is his wife fired were fired what the israelis always said that they would not release prisoners with blood on their hands but now they are releasing prisoners who have killed israelis but they were not releasing your husband why do you think not. it's a political issue his judgment and sentencing in an israeli court was political news release put him in jail because he's a leader of the palestinian people and the israelis don't want there to be a palestinian leaders he's a symbol of unity between palestinians the israelis are afraid to release him because he can bring about reconciliation between hamas and fatah many people feel that hamas was almost happy to abandon your husband because he poses a serious political competition to the hamas leadership what do you think. of course a leader like marwan barghouti is very popular in palestine and the arab world a lot of people have been phoning me to protest that he's not part of this deal i
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think it's israel who don't want him out of the jail hamas only accepted the deal at the last minute why do you think hamas accepted the deal. i don't know the main reason why hamas accepted a deal without marwan no one here in palestine understands it but hamas was under pressure from the israeli side khaled mashal harasses political bureau chief promised you that there would be no deal without marwan do you feel betrayed. right now i'm confused about my feelings because i'm not happy about marwan but i'm very happy for all of the prisoners and their families and as a mother i'm thrilled because all these prisoners have marred. and i know how they feel having their sons and fathers in jail in the last ten years since marwan was imprisoned i have traveled all over the world and advocated for the rights of prisoners so i'm happy and i'm not happy do you think that this was the last chance for marwan to be free. from the moment the israelis kidnapped my husband i never
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lost hope that one day he would come out of jail and i'll never lose their scope for marwan and for all of the prisoners marwan is a great leader and the palestinians will continue to fight for him to be released president abbas will not negotiate with the israelis and lastly free our leaders and i understand you right that they can never be real peace between israelis and palestinians as long as no one is in jail. which yes that's right and it's what president said at the united nations he said that peace will never be reached between israelis and palestinians until all prisoners are released marwan will negotiate between israel and palestine start again the fate of the prisoners will be at the top of the agenda because there can be no peace without releasing the president's thought you argue that we israelis see him as a great leader and for this reason i don't want to release him but conquer the opposite also be true that because he is a great leader he has the power to unify palestinians and he would be
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a great partner for peace for the israelis only. israel is not ready for a real peace they talk about peace but they don't work toward peace because of this they don't want out of jail if he was released there could be a real chance for peace israelis are still building the separation while they're still demolishing houses demolishing olive trees imprisoning people building new settlements if you look at all of this you'll see that israel is not ready for peace why do you think israelis agreed to the deal especially the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who. it was the pressure from inside israel that made netanyahu agree surveys show that most israelis want charlie to come home and netanyahu also has a political crisis to deal with and this is a way to score points he's only looking out for the israeli people and not for anyone else so you also when you look at israeli society when you really want something you can pressure the government into giving it
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a lot of pressure netanyahu to make this deal but it's not pressuring him to make peace i say again israelis do not want peace they really did pressure netanyahu to make a real and just one point four years this deal has been delayed over the question of releasing five high profile of prisoners among them your husband so why now what is significant in the timing that for the still being agreed to now. as palestinians no one is telling us the real reasons why the deal was made so quickly and why now we're surprised to see how it was done and what was agreed i think both sides made concessions by come us who said before they never make a deal without marwan barghouti so do you think the arab spring played a role that egypt needed to reassert itself as a power and that hamas and egypt are growing closer yes of course the arab spring played a very good part in making this deal happen egypt wants to play a role they sponsored all the details of the deal and mediated between both sides i
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think the arab spring was the most important influence on the deal over the past three months but hamas always said the release of marwan was a red line for that they would never agree to a deal without it it's still confusing by the deals been done without him and other important leaders being a part of it do you blame israel or do you blame hamas. because hamas to the maximum it can do also this is the maximum a can achieve from the deal we know is palestinians how israel deals with things for ten years we've known that marwan would not be released from prison without. we'll settlement in place does your husband know about this deal and that he's not part of it. what we know from the lawyer who visited marwan is that marwan did not know anything about the deal before the media and out stepped he wasn't aware of any of the details no one told him anything i have not visited in a sense the negotiations between israel and tell us again i was supposed to visit
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him but because of israeli fears they canceled the visit so i will only see him in about a week or two your lawyer told him his morale was good well it's easy doing his daily exercises and he supports all the prisoners who are part of history is the deal will not change is marwan continues to fight for the freedom mcalister lives and for us to live with integrity in our own country for ten years israel has been trying to isolate him for three years he was in solitary confinement but palestinians still need marwan he's in their minds and feelings so israel cannot isolate him they might have his body but his mind and his song are with the palestinian people who fought and you got engaged to marwan when he was behind bars in fact he got his parents to ask you for your hand in marriage how difficult is it being married to him. it hasn't been easy we have four children three sons and a daughter marwan was put in jail when the children were small and i've had to carry all of the responsibility as
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a mother i face all these pressures in the home that would bear not my only doing this if they were it would be easier i'm also a lawyer i have an office i advocate for prisoner. when you asked did you see him and what did he tell you what did the two of you talk about. for the first four years in jail i was forbidden to visit him now i go as much as the israelis will allow me to the last visit was two weeks ago always when i go to visit him i see him through a wall of glass and i use a phone to talk to each visit is forty five minutes which goes very fast so we prepare a. yes but we never have enough time to talk about everything for the first fifteen minutes we talk about the children and their issues family things in the next fifteen minutes we talk about the political situation of a palestinian people the situation with fatah during the last fifteen minutes he gives me a lot of advice a lot of things to do people to talk to you know what you have to do it in this way
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because he's not only a family man he's also a palestinian leader and you've spoken a lot about the whites of palestinian prisoners what are the conditions like for your husband and other palestinians who are being held in israeli jails. in the last five years and charlie crist kidnapped israel did a lot of things to harm the prisoners and make their lives more under. the prisoners of course protested they stop eating or stop drinking and many have died as a few years protesting against conditions inside the prisons that's how they won rights such as the right to education. cleanliness medical treatment but netanyahu took all of these achievements away he put the prisoners in solitary confinement to a small room which is also the bathroom and there is lots of rats it's about one point five by two meters. imagine living for four years in this room with all the rats and bugs. if well one barghouti was released tomorrow what would he do.
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with marwan has been struggling for thirty five years he's never taken a day's holiday if he was released he would not stop struggling for palestinian rights with the first thing he do is be with his family and children who wants to apologize to his children because he wasn't there for them in the trunk years he wants to take care of them and compensate for the years they missed out not having a father around. after that he'd have a lot of duty fighting for freedom for justice and building an independent palestinian state do you think the day will come when you will be the wife of a president. who has a wife. the most important thing i want is a husband and a father i don't care about being the wife of a president all i want is my husband back what a shame five about thank you very much for joining us here on our team thank you.
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from the days of the manhattan project in forty two the university of california has been involved through the science of its provision and scientists and their relationship versity you see since day one has been in charge of researching designing and testing nuclear weapons and to some extent producing weapons every single on nuclear weapon in cities arsenal was designed by university of california . we don't want. to go to first of all the formula was selected as the contract because the army needed scientists of their versity positions.
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a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the school's severed ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the poles seem to play at. least it seems like your chance of victory seems to get. the status of the human experiment if it's. weeks you'll see this rap music or to expose the military trying to make sense of the economy and it's all changed things as financial temple the reason to maintain confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look to keep the nations close to collapsing in sub prime loans foreclosed homes.
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some fail so we played the game feel like to get us crash smashed seems to exist like hell to the judge and three feet from me i'm just programs increase the total economy. in the. square otoh super to look three hotels bangkok so i don't remember cold fine cold watergate hotel. princess hotel married cool john hotel bank suite hotel one called the imperial queens poker results and follow to sure. supply and spawn just said from the golden cliff results is fun oh to be a one year old to search on a discovery beach hotel children to tell the result of the sea entrepreneur results through her. hotel suite hotel.
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resort and spa. in israel she's available in some hotel. hotels jerusalem. greece's enduring amounts of forty eight hour all around strike that's expected to be the largest since the financial turmoil began tens of thousands are already outlined parliament in athens as lawmakers prepare to vote on even more troubling cuts national bankruptcy. is very serious andress is turning into a full fledged civil war with soldiers reportedly turning on each other eleven troops were killed this week adding to the three thousand or more died since the crackdown on anti-government protests began in march. when a third deadline by nato ordering serbs to remove their border blockades in northern kosovo as the standoff situation is battled back to politicians and the
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impasse the roadblocks were built up for kosovo for we backed by nato seized the checkpoint last month. sports is next here in r t. hello there nice to have you company and these are the headlines into the courses top seeded it is on the. way into the last day to the kremlin cup. plus on the march to yes go ahead three hospital the school to kick start their champions league campaign. was an injury blow for russian champions any team plays for their showdown we showed. but first the tennis where top seed of it is of only over has breezed into the quarterfinals of the kremlin cup in moscow the number five in pass to the honesty of an all skate six one six one and her opening match start finish
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just a few moments ago the russian ending the her second title of the season also going through to the last stage today's be a seed so many coachable cover alone has called in straight sets while the time francesca schiavone. i just started her match against the navy from the stay in the well in the men's store serving its roys he has made the last day of the straightforward with that over perry burton spray and among other matches today there is an old russian battle between foresee any kind of agenda and she met at college feeding. him for. clues he says he is delighted with his team's three nil when i went to a side track in sport a result which gets the army men's champions league campaign back on track to do them by scoring two of the goals in moscow last night alexander has got the other this is discards first win of this group stage i moved them up the second behind into a good one nil victory over legal afterwards lucy said that pre-match band worked perfectly. when she was number two it's very important to score first because
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you gave us a certain tactical advantage we knew very well the traps and plays well in positional attacks going to tricks in large numbers but at the same time zones can appear in the difference and actually we took advantage of consumer credit and played great qualitatively in the difference. elsewhere munched says he also got their first win in a group coming from behind to get a crucial three points against a reality where to scoring a late winner in their two one victory yet he had stadium that means they are third in the group a point behind naturally katrine one one with leaders by and still with a chance of getting out of the group. i hope it will be really important as well because for us there was a very important pool win the first game it simply i think in this moment. if we can help in this group will also for the first place. but not
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that we should. you could spend days there probably and there. will be very important games for us. also because for me not only is there a good team to play for the world very well in group c. manchester united paid off the lights in and bucharest playing rooney scoring same penalties to give his side that first champions league win this season united and i second behind benfica he beat at sea bass note saying while real madrid just can't stop winning keeping that hundred percent record playing great day with a four no if something of a on and it means reality that great by five points from highlights and defeat in our history gretzky you know treasuring i was quick to point out it's not an easy great. other hoops. that the jews were much more like it was their play you stooges that. they are too good to be weak or that individual can go from the church in the world more clearly. and it's.
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ok because i disagree with the way we. were the usual. early it will be with a label it's called the solutions you know the rule of. well tonight russian champions anita in action in ukraine again chats but we get out there captain alexander and you cough and top scorer alexandra kirk then it would also miss midfielder alexy you know for this group g. cash from china to let his men got a confidence boosting three one win over porto last time out and that victory put them a point behind surprised leaders arkell well away a porto this evening. houghton cells have been boosted by the return of brazilian striker clever he's been out with a shoulder injury for three weeks that is expected to pair up with compadres to make their latest bullshit peace cup game of the reigning europa league champions potion enviable home record having lost just one of their last european ties that.
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elsewhere the defending european champions barcelona host side victoria pendleton at the nou camp baster level on points of into the top of group a and are scoring for fun of them are you guilty goals in the first twelve games of the season is sometimes a little messy getting sixteen of them out in time tonight he's in competition with reality christiane a reality. took the truth. and i didn't have any challenges against it as i said earlier only want to help my team to do things better for myself. and you know time to look at what christiane really does so that i can try to be good with. it is your game. spain have extended their lead at the top of faith as world rankings that after winning both their euro two thousand and twelve o five matches recently another into a second step further behind after losing to sweden then it is germany and europe why brazil rise to number five followed like this for the england. portugal eight
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sport with greece who writes pretty places there were russia a thirteen by the greeks in a friendly on november the eleventh argentina and denmark are tied in ten. swimming great michael phelps has vowed to improve after flopping in moscow yesterday he failed to even reach the final of one hundred metres freestyle in the latest stage of the world cup although he did bounce back to win the medley watching wisconsin thing to top off. the twenty five metre pool at the in peace q sports complex had been the settling fall in one nine hundred eighty olympics and the sierra hosted a stage of the world cup for the seventh time but it had hardly able welcome so many procedures swimmers. the olympic sports complex has long held traditions boosting and inspiring many russians swimmers hopefully will enjoy a high standard of competition and will probably witness new world records being set here meanwhile the preparations for the olympics has started and everyone is
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keeping london two thousand and twelve in mind the swedish legend the results harmer winner of twenty five world championship mantles was in lane four for the one hundred butterfly final but the thirty four year old had to settle for second after being peeved by china's louima however ulzheimer confidently tucked her opponents in the fifty meter freestyle while he has the world's most famous swimmer michael phelps marked his return to world cup swimming after a year away but it first everything wasn't going quite swimmingly for the fourteen time olympic champion phelps failed to burst of throwing in the one hundred freestyle final then he improved in the two hundred meter butterfly after having a tough time on the walls to take a surprising bronze medal behind when i hit him from japan and south africa's child like loss who took the silver but phelps is still confident of red is covering his
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star quality on the way to the london olympics that i am a lot better than her but i bet. they really being able to race is what i try to do right now. my walls are very good on three hundred. my new water kicks are very good in there so there's endings that we need to work on between now and. next summer however the twenty six year old american did form his form and managed to grab first place in the. one hundred meter individual medley the wind gave him something to build on heading into the second day of competition to relatively small return where he is high standards. hopefully tomorrow we have a little bit better sunny a little bit better but it's a good first. round get me to two up step but i could be a lot more. with sixteen more golds up for grabs and wednesday there is still
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a lot to be decided much excitement many deals and breathtaking reeses to come on the closing day of most goals world cup stage is it about out of her team. now the rugby world cup france have named an unchanged side to face new zealand in sunday's final coach mark livermore says he had no hesitation in keeping faith with a team that got a nine eight win over wales in the semi's despite their own corning some of those highs oil brats would define a curfew after the match to celebrate their victory the french would also be hoping it will be third time lucky they've reached the final twice before and lost on both occasions and are the overwhelming underdogs to the clash with the all blacks. the more the international rugby board is revealing why the wales coach warren gatland that he considered cheating during the semifinal with france after world prop adam jones was off injured gatland said he thought about asking another prop to fake an injury which would have led to uncontested scrums where neither team can push the
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coach maybe admission at a press conference in or could. be discussed in the box did we fake an injury to one of their props to go under complete and scrums. but morally you know i made a decision that wasn't the right thing to do. and we could have easily gone to them that you know recently twenty four of thirty minutes in the game but you know in the spirit of the game the spirit of will cups in the foreign or didn't think it was a fierce win with the right thing to do and finally despite being the world's most grueling cycling race the tour de france has just got tougher the route for next summer's race has been in paris and is short of a staggering three and a half thousand kilometers with nearly one hundred days being individual time trials for the france champion australian condell evans will start at the fence of his title and race begins on june thirtieth in the belgian city. brings us the end of the sport we've got the weather coming up next here an arctic.
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cultures that so much different if you consider the person on the mark with one reads like a cheap hollywood movie script around is accused of being behind a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the us too.
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wealthy british style. sometimes. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into all kinds of reports on r.g.p. in india all g.'s available in the move go on a joint be hotels become of us think if we have to.


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